DKA’s comprehensive design services take projects seamlessly from inception through completion. More than architects and designers, DKA’s professionals are astute advisors and active advocates for our clients’ needs.  Keeping an eye on the big picture, DKA sees and seizes each project’s opportunity to exceed our clients’ goals while enhancing their communities and improving the built environment.

At the start of any project, DKA immerses itself in its client’s culture, gaining a 360 degree perspective of the organization, its vision, goals, stakeholders and decision makers. From this perspective, DKA builds a flexible framework for the organization’s growth and development for the future, through the following planning services:

  • Facilities Master Planning
  • Site Evaluation & Analysis
  • Site Planning
  • Facilities Assessment
  • Space Utilization Studies
  • Program Development
  • Program Management
  • Referendum Planning
  • Owner Representation