Corporate Office Renovation

DKA’s principals worked directly with the Executive Team of RLI to first develop a facilities master plan, then to renovate the their corporate headquarters.

The design process for the corporate office renovation included numerous focus group meetings with various employee groups along with benchmarking tours. The leadership of the company listened to the input gained through the process, and asked the design team to develop features that would transform the RLI offices from a “sea of beige and grey” into a contemporary place where “employees will want to come, stay and work late”. During the design process, the concept of adding an open communicating stair between the main level and the lower level with a skylight above was suggested by our design team in order to aid in reducing the number of steps between employees and to bring natural light into the dark basement area. The CEO of RLI responded positively and asked “can we have two?”

RLI’s renovated headquarters features:

  • Open and Private offices for approx. 250 employees
  • 2 New Communicating Stairwells with large skylights
  • New Mechanical Infrastructure
  • New Zinc Exterior Skin
  • New Parking for 200
  • New Landscaping