Kishwaukee College

Campus-Wide Renovations

As a result of the development of a new Student Center and Campus Operations Building for Kishwaukee College, approximately 60,000 sf of existing space was vacated on campus, and approximately 40,000 sf of additional space required upgrades and expansion to accommodate programmatic needs for the College. Some of the programmatic needs to be accommodated within this campus-wide renovation project include:

  • Science Facilities
  • Nursing & Health Careers Facilities
  • Forensics Lab
  • General Classrooms
  • Faculty Offices
  • Human Resources
  • Adult Education
  • Art Gallery

One of the goals of the renovation work was to reorganize the campus in order to consolidate similar programmatic needs to improve efficiencies for faculty and staff as well as wayfinding for students and community members. Because this work was completed within existing space, multiple phases of construction were identified to minimize the impact on the College’s operation.