Eureka College

Institute for American Opportunity

The President of Eureka College assembled a team of his closest advisors to work with DKA to program and conceptually design his vision of creating a leadership program that embraces the values and history of the college. The building is designed to attract students, and visitors from around the world to learn unique leadership skills, tour President Ronald Reagan’s museum, and attend large functions in the garden level ballroom which is also designed to host Presidential debates.

The new building is planned to be located between the college’s library and dining hall. The main entry is aligned with the main entry of Burrus Dickinson Hall, which is the oldest and most prominent building on the campus, and is in the National Register of Historic Places. The exterior is designed to fit into the context of the late 1800’s era of Federal and other Neo-Classical structures on the campus, and the skylight in the oval-shaped dome is the exact shape and dimension of the oval office in the White House. It shall illuminate a sculpture or piece of art that communicates the message that anyone can find great success. Ronald Reagan stated before and during his presidency that “Everything good in my life began here”, referring to Eureka College.

DKA worked closely with the President and his team over the period of six months to program and design the facility which features the following:

  • Museum Space for President Ronald Reagan
  • Lobby / Reception Space
  • (8) State-of-the-Art Classrooms
  • Meeting Spaces
  • Faculty and Administrative Offices
  • Television Studio
  • Ballroom
Project Data
Location Eureka, Illinois
Size 50,000 sf
Completed Est. 2017


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