Moraine Valley Community College

Student Success Center

As Moraine Valley Community College continues its mission to increase student success, it has identified the need to develop a new Student Success Center at its Main Campus. The recently completed Health, Fitness & Recreation Center on campus (also designed by our team) has freed up some space from a facility in the center of campus, and the College has decided to renovate and expand this facility into their new Student Success Center. The new facility serves as a beacon for new and existing students and accommodates the following functions:

  • Tutoring Center
  • Student Orientation Space
  • Honors Program
  • Veterans Affairs
  • Testing Center
  • Dual Credit
  • Student Lounge Space

One of the primary goals in designing the new space was to create a holistic, comfortable environment that supports student success in a relaxed setting, while, at the same time, creating a centerpiece for the campus that is convenient to access and navigate from any point on campus. Views from within the facility also allow students to experience the Campus Green and create a visual connection with the rest of campus.