Galesburg School District 205

Steele Elementary School Additions & Renovations

Galesburg School District 205’s goal for this project was to provide a design that meets the State’s requirements for P.E., provide a secure entry, and to update the existing learning environment.

Prior to the addition and renovation, the school used its existing gymnasium as the cafeteria, the offices were remote from the main entry, and the classrooms were not separated to provide sound attenuation between rooms. The school was often referred to as a ‘bunker’ since the façade facing the main street was designed without many windows and appeared to be a large brick box.  Following the construction of a new gym, and administrative area next to the new glassy entry, the existing gymnasium was remodeled to serve as a permanent cafeteria and a secure entry was gained. The renovations focused primarily upon the re-construction of classroom walls, ceilings, and lighting which were updated to create a 21st century learning environment for the students.

The addition and renovation includes:

  • A New Gymnasium, Administrative Suite, and Secure Entry Vestibule
  • An Updated Exterior and Interior Appearance
  • Renovation of all Corridors and Classrooms
  • Renovated Cafeteria
  • Improved ADA Accessibility throughout the School
  • Geothermal Heating and Cooling System
Project Data
Location Galesburg, Illinois
Size 40,000 sf
Completed 2013
Photographer Ballogg Photography

James Kemper served as the Lead Designer for this project while working at Dewberry.

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