Brimfield Community School District 309

New High School

Brimfield Community School District required an affordable solution that would allow for an expanding student population.

Through thorough investigation, it was determined by the district that it was not feasible to remodel or add to the existing school structure. The existing 20th century building had a charm that was revered by the community, and the new design retains the character of the old structure while adding the functions required in a 21st century learning environment and to accommodate growth from 300 to 400 students.

The new school includes:

  • Classrooms
  • Computer Labs
  • Science Labs
  • Gymnasium
  • Library
  • Multi-Purpose Room (Auditorium/Cafeteria)
  • Kitchen
  • Greenhouse
Project Data
Location Brimfield, Illinois
Size 81,000 sf
Completed 2011
Photographer Ballogg Photography

James Kemper served as the Lead Designer for this project while working at Dewberry.

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